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How a potent thunderstorm forms with Joe Snedeker

Joe enlists the help of his students of Meteorology to demonstrate.

Even if you have all the ingredients, you still need lots of LIFT for a strong thunderstorm to develop. 

Joe and his students at Marywood University show us how Mother Nature gets things started.

TIP 1: Cycling, hiking safety
Joe Snedeker has some tips to keep you safe if you get caught in a thunderstorm while enjoying the great outdoors.

TIP 2: 30/30 rule
Meteorologist Joe Snedeker explains the 30/30 rule, which follows the classic instruction “When thunder roars, go indoors!”

TIP 3: What to avoid during a storm
What should you avoid in your house during a storm? Meteorologist Joe Snedeker lets you know.

TIP 4: NWS Alerts
Meteorologist Joe Snedeker shows you how to get emergency weather alerts on your phone from the National Weather Service.