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Auto body shops cash in on winter weather

Snowy roads can lead to crashes and there have been plenty of those in the Poconos within the last week.

There's no shortage of smashed-up vehicles in the parking lot of Advanced Collision near Bartonsville. A lot of the vehicles were wrecks related to the recent snowfall.

Steve Jurasits owns the business, and he says it's been very, very busy.

"Pretty steady. The weather has been steady. There is no shortage of snow and no shortage of accidents either. For some reason, the snow falls, and people forget how to drive, which is good for us because it's what we do for a living," said Jurasits.

Repairs coming into the shop range from front-end damage to vehicles being totaled.

"A lot of collisions, vehicle on the vehicle, a lot of people in the median, off to the side of the road, trees and stuff like that," said Jurasits.

Body shop owners tell Newswatch 16 while they appreciate all the business when winter weather hits, they cannot stress enough that people really should drive slowly on the roads.

"There's just such an influx of people up here anymore, and people just drive too fast. That's the bottom line. If you drive slow, you're not going to crash. We just tell people to slow down. That's the key," said Rich Banks, owner of Pocono Motion Body Shop near Stroudsburg.

Banks says the cost to repair something as simple as a headlight is no joke these days.

"The average headlight today is between $500 and $1,700. The parts are just going through the roof. That's why car insurance is high," said Banks.

Seeing as winter is far from over, auto body shops expect to be busy keeping up with repairs over the next few weeks.

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