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Soggy cleanup at the campground

For some campers, spending their rainy Labor Day in the great outdoors meant more work than usual. Newswatch 16's Chelsea Strub explains.

BACK MOUNTAIN, Pa. — The heavy rains make for good fishing for the herons at Frances Slocum State Park on Monday.

It can't be said that it was the same for campers packing up and heading home from the campground in Kingston Township.

"Saw a little bit of lightning, saw all the rain; I was just keeping my fingers crossed, hoping that it stayed outside the tent and not inside the tent," Jackie Wizeman said.

"The rain is very hard. We were sleeping out here in the middle of the night, and it started raining, and our tent didn't handle it so well because my pillow got soaked," Ben Wizeman added.

It was not the way these boys wanted to head into the school year that starts on Tuesday. And even though it was impossible to see the sun in all this rain, some were caught looking on the bright side.

"This isn't suffering. This is fun. This is part of it; this is fun."

Mark Wizeman of Conshohocken enjoys a challenge, even if it's a soggy one.

"If damp counts as dry, we're doing alright. We stayed dry overnight. We're fine, we're doing great. Girls are doing good. Girls, you having fun? You don't look like you're having fun," he laughed.

Campers at Frances Slocum Start Park tell Newswatch 16 they did have a lot of fun over the weekend before the rain cramped their style.

"We went fishing, and we went on the boats in the lake," said Ben.

"Roasting s'mores... and roasting smores," added Reese and Anna Wizeman.

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