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Snowmen of Stroudsburg return with holiday cheer in Stroudsburg

This is the fifth year that members of the art organization GO Collaborative has displayed the sculptures.

STROUDSBURG, Pa. — On Main Street in Stroudsburg, nothing brings holiday cheer quite like life-sized snowmen. The popular sculptures have made their return.

The Cooper family from Stroudsburg was on a scavenger hunt trying to see them all.

"They're gorgeous. I loved one that had sunflowers on it and a big sun on the top. That one is beautiful. The painting skills are amazing," said Mary Cooper.

"It's nice. We did this last year, and we did it last year during the time of the festival, so we even got to see some ice cravings," said Valerie Cooper.

This is the fifth year that members of the artist organization GO Collaborative have displayed the sculptures.

There are 37 snowmen in all, ten of which are new. Each was painted by local artists.

"We want you to get out of your cars and walk the town and look at the snowmen because they face inward. We want you to get out and take your selfies with them. If you take 15 selfies with them, and hopefully ten of the new ones and five of the other ones and bring them to local businesses that are participating. Make a purchase, buy something, a little something, and you'll get a cool tote bag," said Jody Singer, the artist director of GO Collaborative.

Employees who work at businesses in downtown Stroudsburg say they hope the snowmen will continue to bring in people ahead of a busy holiday shopping season.

"People get to come in and see all the stores and walk around and get to see the snowmen and pop into all the little places that they might not know at here," said Tina Matauic, production manager at Pocono Soap.

Every year, the shop picks an organization to fundraise for. This year they are helping raise money for the future Snowmen of Stroudsburg.

"When you buy one of these soaps, some of that money that you're spending goes to the Snowmen of Stroudsburg and goes back to that organization," Matauci said.

For anyone who wants to see the snowmen, they will be up until the end of February.

We sincerely thank the volunteers who came out to help place the Snowmen of Stroudsburg today. Several folks from area...

Posted by GO Collaborative on Friday, November 25, 2022

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