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Coronavirus fears cause travelers to take extra precautions

Commuters said they are trying to be mindful of germs while they travel.

STROUDSBURG, Pa. — ABC News is reporting that nearly 100 Americans have the coronavirus.

The closest case to Northeast Pennsylvania was just found in Manhattan over the weekend.

That has some commuters traveling from the Poconos to New York City focused on staying healthy.

Many commuters at the Martz bus stop in East Stroudsburg are now stocking up on hand sanitizer.

Health officials said a 39-year-old healthcare worker living in Manhattan got the coronavirus while she was traveling in Iran. The woman did not use public transportation afterward and has since been isolated in her home.

"A little shocking but, oh well, what can we do? Just take precautions, and that's it," Commuter Diane Hall of East Stroudsburg said.

"I'm not concerned, as long as my hands are clean, and I don't sneeze on other people, and I keep away from them," Arthur Canezal of Bushkill said.

Even though most commuters said they are not changing too much of their personal routines because of the recent case in Manhattan, it does have people talking at work.

"We are having a meeting tomorrow to talk to about it and see if we need to take any additional precautions or talk to the staff about it," Sonji Patrick of East Stroudsburg said.

More than anything, commuters said they are just trying to be mindful of germs while they travel.

"We ride the subway, well, my husband and I, and I just try not to touch anything," Patrick said.

"Whatever you touch, after you do that, sanitize," Hall said.

Some good news, the 39-year-old woman with the coronavirus in New York City, is expected to make a full recovery.

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