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Wife of coronavirus positive man shares insight into sickness

Her 60-year-old husband first got a fever, aches, and chills last Monday.

LUZERNE COUNTY, Pa. — "When I first found out, I cried." That's what the wife of a man from Luzerne County who tested positive for coronavirus told Newswatch 16. 

She wants all of you to know what her family is going through.

The family wants to stay anonymous because they don't want to take any chances with people knowing who they are or where they live.

But they provide a lot of insight into what happens when a loved one gets coronavirus.

I talked to his wife today on the phone she wants to help how she can with information.

Her husband is quarantined in their basement. She and her college-aged son feel fine but are self-isolating upstairs.

The 60-year-old man from the Wyoming Valley first got a fever, aches, and chills last Monday.

His wife says he thought he had the flu when the test for that was negative, he went for coronavirus testing at a site that was remote from a hospital. It took until Friday for him to find out he did test positive.

He never got the cough we hear a lot about, but she says he did get up to a 102.7-degree fever and has just felt wiped out.

The family doesn't know where he got it from but he does work out of the area. They don't know of anyone he came in contact with who has it. She says they were taking all kinds of precautions like hand washing and sanitizing, wiping surfaces and more. Now they've notified people they've had close contact with.

 His wife said, "I was the first person to think I'm not going to get it and here we are."

And for the rest of us, she said, "It's not a matter of who gets it, it's a matter of when."

On a positive note, this morning, the 60-year-old didn't have a fever for the first time all week. His wife hopes that means he's starting to get over this.

She jokes about him being locked in the basement and throwing bottles of water down to him and leaving food on the stairs. She says they have to stay positive.

And once he's fever-free for three days then she and her son have to quarantine themselves for 14 more days to make sure they don't get it.

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