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Coronavirus puts strain on supermarket workers

"Our employees are exhausted," said Joe Fasula, co-owner of Gerrity's.

SCRANTON, Pa. — Can't stop. Won't stop. That's the motto at all Gerrity's Supermarket locations right now, including the on North Keyser Avenue. 

"It's been a tremendous drain. Our employees are exhausted," said Joe Fasula,  co-owner of Gerrity's."They're all working at least six days a week and 8,9,10 hours a day." 

The demand for food and other essential supplies during the coronavirus pandemic has put a strain on all Gerrity's employees in the area.

That's a big reason co-owner Joe Fasula is increasing pay one dollar per hour for his employees through April 5th and given how fluid the situation is with the virus, there's no telling when the madness will stop.

"It is crazy. It's even worse than it is during the holidays. It's so busy," said employee Amanda Witzel. "We can't even take a breath. Busy, busy."

"We get our what we call our five-second breaks, where we can wipe everything down, sanitize everything and then we're right back to a full line of customers," employee Megan Perez said.

About 10 percent of Gerrity's workforce is 65 or older, so during this time, a lot of people are unable to come to work. 

There are positions available at Gerrity's locations across the area for those looking for a job.

"I tell all of our employees that we are on the frontlines," Fasula said. "We are the ones that are going to hold our country together. I don't mean just my store. Grocery workers in general and healthcare workers. Imagine what would happen if the admissions staff at a hospital staff stopped showing up. Imagine if the cashiers at a grocery store stopped showing up. We need help." 

For more information on Gerrity's new policies, hours and other information click here.

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