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Several school districts closed, delayed by threats

A number of area schools closed after threats were received on Monday. The Scranton School District delayed classes for two hours after threats were reported.

Classes were canceled or delayed in several school districts on Monday after several threats were sent to schools.

The Scranton School District delayed school by two hours. Officials said the threats were unsubstantiated.

Students in the Riverside School District were taken from the buildings while police searched the facilities. Nothing was found, and students returned to their classrooms.

Crestwood, Lake-Lehman, Wyoming Area, and Wilkes-Barre Area canceled classes on Monday morning.

Wilkes-Barre Area Superintendent Brian Costello says around 8:45 a.m., the district received a threat to all buildings in the district. Students were just getting to school.

"We get to school, and our parents get a Skyward (alert) that we have to leave because apparently there was a bomb threat. So we were evacuated to the stadium, and from there, everyone was getting out, everyone was going home because apparently (there was a) bomb threat," said senior Lucheska Perez.

Other districts also received threats. The Lake-Lehman School District superintendent said his district received a threat at 8:31 a.m. The message claimed that explosives had been planted inside all school buildings and were set to go off within a few hours.

"I was in my math class. I was making up a test, and they made an announcement for the teachers to look at their emails, and they did, and they said we had to evacuate. We went outside, and then we had to walk up here," said sophomore Olivia Corcoran.

Lake-Lehman High School students were sent to Penn State Wilkes-Barre, while elementary students who were still on buses were sent back home.

"I was in my history class. And then my friend whose mom's a teacher, he showed me a text. I was like, 'There's a bomb threat at her school.' So we knew before the teachers got the email, but it was pretty crazy," said freshman Noah Corcoran.

Students understand every threat needs to be taken seriously, but they're worried about what will happen if this becomes part of their routine.

"Scary to think that it would be like, 'Oh, there's another bomb threat.' And then, what if it actually happens?" said Wilkes-Barre Area senior Chapely Perez.

Several schools and health care facilities received similar threats last week. There is no word if there is any connection.

State police said they are assisting wherever they are needed.

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