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New food at The Bloomsburg Fair

Fair officials say because of the COVID-19 pandemic and more than half of the new vendors are temporary.

BLOOMSBURG, Pa. — There are 89 new vendors at this year's Bloomsburg Fair, which is more than double what there normally is.

Fair officials say that's because of the COVID-19 pandemic and more than half of the new vendors are temporary.

Even so, that's a lot of new food options.

"We have been coming here for many years, and we wanted to do something that was different that no one's done before, that we've never seen before," said Tim Bopp, Boppalouie's.

Boppalouie's is based in Bloomsburg and features lasagna on a stick.

Owner Tim Bopp says it took a few tries to get it right, and now it's perfect.

He started with regular lasagna, refrigerated.

"We wrap it in pizza dough, we roll out the dough and wrap it in that. Then we deep fry it at put a stick through it," said Bopp.

Boppalouie's then adds sauce and mozzarella cheese.

These guys really enjoyed it! If you're in the mood for some polish food, you'll want to check out Crooked Forest Food Truck.

The Shickshinny-based business makes unique sliders, including ones with kielbasa patties, peanut butter, and homemade pepper jelly.

But the big draw is the "Polish Monster."

Photographer Tom sampled that and really enjoyed it.

"Large kielbasa sandwich with queso and sauerkraut. We put two pierogies on it, top it with bacon and jalapenos," said Sarah Haefner, Crooked Forest Food Truck.

Last but not least, we headed to Stahl's Smokehouse because who doesn't like Texas barbecue?

The specialty here is an armadillo egg.

No, it's not really an egg, just made to look like one.

"The armadillo egg is a diced jalapeno, creamy cheese filling with a quarter-pound sausage patty, wrapped in bacon," said Chad Stahl.

I gave it two thumbs up. You can also get the armadillo egg on a "nest."

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