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Agnes through our viewers' eyes

Nothing tells the story like the personal memories shared by so many of you. So, here's a look at Agnes through your eyes.

PENNSYLVANIA, USA — A lot of people are likely going through old albums this week. Memories of the Agnes flood come rushing back.

Jon Meyer's mother-in-law's photos show the Puchalsky family home in Swoyersville wrecked by the high waters.

Two photos of her stood out, one leaning against the wall while cleaning, another sitting frustrated on the front porch, telling much of the story.

Some of you are also sharing photos of the devastation you lived through, much of it in the Wyoming Valley. Marybeth Siracuse also sent images of the mess in Swoyersville. Her mom wrote on one photo, 19 years of marriage, piled on the curb. How about the amount of mud taken from their basement.

Pam Pries Thomas lived through it in Kingston. Her home on South Wells Avenue in Kingston had water on the second floor.

Susan Matteucci says her parents had just paid off the mortgage here in South Wilkes-Barre and just remodeled the kitchen, all of it lost.

One photo was sent in from Debbie Snyder. She says her uncle took them by the levee in Forty Fort to see this high river. The dike broke right here hours later.

Joseph Krasnahill says this is what he was doing, sandbagging to help save the valley. He turned 17 the week before.

Kim Tobey says her dad Nicholas Gushka was the state trooper in this boat in Kingston, helping rescue others. She says he was always proud he helped serve his community during that time.

We know the devastation went far beyond the Wyoming Valley. Bev James showed us her flooded home on Tioga Street in Tunkhannock.

From Bradford County, Alicekay Weingartner said that her family's business, Shaffer's Feed Service is in Monroeton. She remembers being 16 and shoveling mud but also remembers all the help her dad received getting it back up and running.

On Facebook, we also got many stories from back then. Lynda Bartlett said, "Sorry, the only pictures are etched in her memory, being a child, the fear, the loss of everything, including her dog, and a neighbor who woke her family of five to get them out.

Diane Morio says they only lived in their house for two weeks, with a sister on each side on the San Souci Parkway. The house was covered; they lost everything.

Barbara Stanishefski shared with us on Facebook, "Don't want to remember those days," with the prayers emoji.

To hear more memories from Agnes, tune into WNEP-2, WNEP.com, ROKU, or Fire TV at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday for the special "Agnes: 50 Years Later."

For more, check out the Facebook post below to all of the memories viewers' shared with us on the flooding caused by Agnes.

As we observe 50 years since Agnes, it would be interesting to see its impacts on our viewers. Do you have any photos...

Posted by Jon Meyer WNEP on Tuesday, June 21, 2022

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