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Parents react to school district going virtual in Montour County

Students from the Danville Area School District will not be returning to the classroom Wednesday morning as many kids have tested positive for Coronavirus.

DANVILLE, Pa. — It's back to virtual learning for students in the Danville Area School District. 

School parking lots will remain mostly empty as the district moves virtual for the rest of the week. 

The district superintendent said COVID is to blame. More than 5% of students in each school have tested positive in the last fourteen days, and the district is following the Department of Health's recommendation to move classes online.

Parents picked up learning packets outside Danville Primary on Tuesday night. Some anticipated this happening again.

"Thought it would've came sooner than it did," said Jon Mattivi.

Mattivi has two kids in the district and says virtual learning can present a challenge.

"I work from home, so it's probably easier for me than most people, but it's a struggle nonetheless," he said. "Especially when your child is in Kindergarten."

"For some, it's hard because they need a structure instead of just mommy and daddy at home," added Kathy Derr from Washingtonville. "That's not a teacher."

Derr stopped to pick up materials for her nieces and nephews. She says the virus has been spreading in schools.

"We just had them all to the doctor's today for testing and stuff," she said. "Waiting for all the results to come back."

Derr said the surge in cases is a concern.

"I don't have kids of my own, but they're like my own, and I don't know. I guess nobody can escape it," she said. "It's all over."

Students may return to class as early as next Tuesday. Schools are closed for a professional day on Monday; that's when administrators will decide if it's safe for students to come back.

The district said extracurricular activities and events will be rescheduled.

Watch more stories about the coronavirus pandemic on WNEP’s YouTube page. 

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