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Storm rips through part of Lycoming County

There was much to clean up after the strong storm tore through Lairdsville.

LAIRDSVILLE, Pa. — "It almost sounded like a train. I understand what people say when they say it sounded like a freight train," said Robert Hill, Lairdsville.

Roofs ripped off, windows busted, downed trees and power lines.

The strong storm that ripped through northeastern and central Pennsylvania dug deep in Lairdsville.

"You can see what it did to town here. It just devastated this little town. The community pulled together here, and as you can see behind us, they are putting roofs on tonight to cover things up," said Chief Bill Gordner, Lairdsville Fire Dept.

Robert Hill says his pickup truck took a hit; his home is now tarped until morning.

He and his family are OK, as are the household dogs.

Hill recalls when the storm rolled in.

"I told the kids, let's get to the basement, and like I said before, I even got my hand on the doorknob to the basement, and the windows were being blown out, broke out, and it just sounded like a war zone," he said.

Emergency crews tell us they tarped about five houses on a stretch of Route 118; more work will need to be done in the daylight.

The storm knocked out power to homes and businesses.

"Nothing like this happens in a little town like this. You know what I mean. So it's, thank god no one was hurt," said Gordner.

"I mean, I have stuff in my yard that I don't even know where it came from. I don't know whose house it ripped off of," added Hill.

Emergency crews say they will assess in the morning as the cleanup continues.

There's no word on when the power might be turned back on.

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