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Gyms, fitness centers dealing with rising COVID-19 cases

As worries mount about COVID-19 case numbers and variants, some are concerned about their gyms and fitness centers.

LUZERNE COUNTY, Pa. — Gyms and fitness centers have been open for months and months now, and owners said they have been sanitizing and spacing people out, in some cases using air purifiers and more.

They said they are focused on keeping the doors open and people moving during this ongoing pandemic, especially as case numbers rise.

"They’ve gone through all the sort of growing pains of how to handle this, they have the heightened sanitation protocols, just staying on top of that with their customer base," said Andy Swansburg of Xplor Technologies.

Experts said this health crisis has meant a lot of new technology in the fitness industry, new ways to clean and communicate with customers, too: all in an effort to keep the doors open and keep people moving.

“We did a survey to our customer base last year and the frequent users, more than that after COVID. The majority of people are eager to come back and come back more often.”

Experts said the best thing for gym and fitness center owners to do is be open, to communicate often with customers so everyone knows what to expect if things change.

"I need to remind people who may not have been in in the last 18 months that maybe getting, we may have to change our stance on masks. Communication, clarity is the most important thing."