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Ice rink coming to downtown Wilkes-Barre

The rink will be the latest addition to Public Square Park in the center of the city.

WILKES-BARRE, Pa. — It's icy on the sidewalks of Wilkes-Barre's Public Square right now, but soon city officials say something similar, yet safer, will be coming to the park in the center of downtown.

"We looked at ways that we wanted to bring back memories to the families in the city of Wilkes Barre, that the city is changing. We're evolving in a very positive way," explained Mayor George Brown.

Mayor Brown says an ice skating rink will be set up underneath the Wilkes-Barre sign here in Public Square Park.

"And it can be meant for a lot of family skating, kids skating, growing up skating, but it's going to be a quality ice skating with the people coming out," added Brown.

The rink will be 73 feet long and 23 feet wide and will be maintained by the city. The cost is about $55,000 and is being paid for with American Recovery Plan funds, as the city hopes this will have an impact that will help during the pandemic. 

"So it's going to be a stimulus for the economy downtown," said Brown. "But what's more, or just as important I should say is the fact that the families will be able to come out and have a great time and enjoy family time together."

Right now, the rink will require users to bring their own skates, but the mayor says that could change in future seasons to come.

"It's open to everybody. Like I said, it's gonna be free. And anyone that no matter where you live in the city or outside, come on out. Have a great time," said Brown.

Mayor Brown expects it to be up and running at the end of January.

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