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Riverside teachers treat seniors to farewell parade

A socially distant parade honored the graduating class.

TAYLOR, Pa. — With most of the typical senior year rites of passage canceled this year, Riverside School District teachers created a new kind of path for the school's upcoming graduates.

"We're missing out on a lot for our senior year, it's nice to get out, see some familiar faces, miss my teachers," senior Tyler Muskey said while waiting in his car at the high school.

Students lined up in their cars at the high school around noon. 

Teachers had their temperatures checked, and then they lined up around the perimeter of the school, each six feet apart.

"It's just one small token of appreciation that we can provide for them. We've taken all of the safety precautions that we can; we've marked our pathways, we have temperature reading devices. And we really just wanted to do something special for them," said Superintendent Paul Brennan.

Then the students came through in their cars, waving and honking from a distance. 

It's the kind of farewell we're getting used to these days. 

"We're never going to get to see this again, so. For all I know, this might be one of the last times I see the school," Muskey added.

"It was just a way to say goodbye to all my teachers and everyone who mentored me throughout my years here. It's kind of like a last goodbye in case I don't get a graduation," Abigail Walsh said.

Riverside has not set any graduation plans just yet.

And the parade won't take the place of one, or any of those rites of passage we adults may have taken for granted. 

But, it will certainly be something to remember.

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