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Bright Side 16: Highlighting hidden talents

Newswatch 16 is looking on the Bright Side on this Friday, spotlighting your artsy abilities.

During this pandemic, many of us have had a lot more time to tap into talents we may have not realized we even had.

It's one of the highlights Newswatch 16's Ryan Leckey spotlighted Friday morning during his Bright Side 16 segment.

More time has given many time to home in on a skill we just didn't have time to perfect in the past, including hobbies like photography or sketching.

That includes Lisa Lebo from Northumberland County. Her massage therapy business is closed because of COVID-19 restrictions. 

The woman from Paxinos used the time to get back into drawing, all Disney themed. 

Lisa is up to 70 pictures so far. 

But Mickey and Minnie aren't just for her enjoyment. She draws for her three-year-old granddaughter. It's why she signs every work of art "Mema" on the bottom.

And so many of you also shared your "revived" artistic talents on Facebook, including Delilah. She's been painting both her favorite vacation spots and bucket-list destinations.

For others, including Michael Stasyszyn, not having an hour and a half commute to work means more time for the "force" to be with him. After all, he's been painting more miniature Star Wars statues. 

For many others, the Bright Side during quarantine is cooking up new creations in the kitchen. 

Some even surprised themselves with what they're whipping up. 

After all, no matter what our pandemic projects look like, many of them are giving us something to smile about.

How to get involved in Bright Side 16:

The easiest way is by posting your uplifting photos or videos to Ryan's Facebook page when he puts the call out for those positive stories where you're making an impact.

Another way is to use "#BrightSide16" (all one word) on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. This way, it allows Newswatch 16 to find your images a lot faster.

You can also text Newswatch 16. Store this number in your cellphone: 800-533-news AKA 800-533-6397. You can save that number as WNEP, Newswatch 16, or something fun like "My Bestie Leckey."

When texting, please type the word "BrightSide16" (all one word) in the message section of the text message.

Please be sure to include who's in the photo, what you're doing, and where you're from.