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Mannequin-Like Pattern?!

Few Showery Snow Events

You have to know how to accept rejection and reject acceptance.

Ray Bradbury

Today....cloudy/flurries to partly sunny, highs in the mid 30s

Tonight....flurries, snow showers, lows in the 20s

Wednesday....snow showers early, tapering off into afn. Highs near 30

Thursday....mostly cloudy, highs in the mid 30s

Friday....clouds, sun breaks, flurries and snow showers, highs mid 30s

Saturday....cloudy to partly sunny, windy and colder with highs near 30

Sunny....mostly sunny, highs near

Sunday....mostly sunny, highs near 30

Monday....Mixed precip. arrives...highs near freezing

Tuesday....mixed precip.  Highs near freezing

Stay Positive!

Joe Snedeker