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Bronson Pinchot’s Harford Mansion Up For Sale

HARFORD, PA —  Bronson Pinchot, known for his role as Balki on TV’s “Perfect Strangers,” owned several homes in Susquehanna County but t...

HARFORD, PA --  Bronson Pinchot, known for his role as Balki on TV's "Perfect Strangers," owned several homes in Susquehanna County but then filed for bankruptcy last year.

As a result,  all of the Hollywood actor's properties in Harford went up for sale.

Newswatch 16 was given a rare look inside Pinchot's mansion, which was used as part of his home renovation reality show on the DIY Network.

Chris Tracy is the realtor who bought the property at the sheriff's sale, and even he'll admit that it needs a lot of work.

Tracy has dealt with this home before. He has sold it three times before and was the one who sold Pinchot the house back in 2000.

"The first time I walked in, I was pretty surprised because I thought being his main house and being where he stayed and where he lived when he came up here, I thought it would be in better repair," said Tracy.

Inside the home, you'll notice doors high above the ground, odd places for steps, and a stairway to nowhere.

Pinchot cleared out most of the house, leaving behind a couple photos and a director's chair.

Pinchot did put in central air, and upgraded the insulation and wiring. Chris Tracy is optimistic that someone could really make this place something special given the strong foundation.

"I think it has a lot of potential to it," he added.

Neighbors are hoping this quaint community can finally move on from their brush with Hollywood.

"Hopefully we can see some families move into some of these homes again," added neighbor John Michaels.

That mansion in Harford is up for sale and Tracy is accepting offers at $149,000. You can reach Chris Tracy at Up 4 Sale LLC by calling 570-430-2222.