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Retailers Closing, New Stores Moving in at Shopping Plaza in Snyder County

MONROE TOWNSHIP, Pa. — In Snyder County, news that two national retailers are closing their doors in an area shopping plaza isn’t upsetting folks as...

MONROE TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- In Snyder County, news that two national retailers are closing their doors in an area shopping plaza isn't upsetting folks as much as you'd think.

Staples and Bed, Bath and Beyond in Monroe Marketplace near Selinsgrove are set to close in the next few months, but those vacant lots aren't expected to stay empty for long.

The sign outside Bed, Bath and Beyond advertises a closing sale to shoppers.

The Monroe Township zoning officer says this store along with Staples will be closing sometime between February and March at this shopping plaza on Routes 11 and 15.

Customers here say it's sad to hear about yet another store closing.

“We went into the mall today, up there and like, remember when we were bustling, and these were the big things, the mall. Yeah, it's sad,” said Linda Simpson from Northumberland.

But there is good news in this.

The zoning officer says already two other big retailers plan to move in once those stores move out.

He says Old Navy plans to move into the Staples location and a Ross Dress for Less will take over Bed, Bath and Beyond space.

“I was hoping Old Navy would come in, but now they are, so that's a good thing, but I didn't know Ross was coming in too, so cool,” said Jacque Keirstetter from Northumberland.

According to the zoning officer, it's not exactly clear when the new stores will be moving in, saying the vacated spaces will be renovated inside before that takes place.

“The fact that it's going to be occupied and it's not going to be empty,” said Paul Simpson from Northumberland. “A lot of the stores down at the mall are empty, but at least knowing that some of these places are going to be full, that's more comforting.”

“They talked about someone going in their rather quickly. That's good to hear,” said Lon Balum from Herndon.

Still, with several big chains closing their doors nationwide, people say it's a sign of the times that more customers are choosing online shopping.

“So many people are getting their stuff on the internet that it's causing the retailers to have to a problem,” said Paul Simpson. “That's more what I think it is rather than the stores themselves.”

A representative with Monroe Marketplace tells Newswatch 16: “We look forward to bringing several new retailers to Monroe Marketplace in the coming months. We believe these best in class retailers will excite our customers and serve the community well.”

We reached out to all four companies but did not receive any statements.