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Sharing the love of reading for school kids in Bloomsburg

Harmonie Snowden, age 7, of Bloomsburg, sold lemonade and did extra chores so she could get books for other students.

BLOOMSBURG, Pa. — At only seven years old, Harmonie Snowden of Bloomsburg has a love for the written word, and she wants to share her love of reading with other students.

"You can use your imagination and learn something," said Harmonie.

So she turned to her mom for help, who reached out to Bloomsburg Memorial Elementary School.

Harmonie is homeschooled, and she first thought about donating school supplies.

But since those are already provided by the school, Harmonie was put in touch with Mrs. B, who shares the same love.

"I think the earlier that a child starts to read, I think the more they'll start a love for it. And I think reaching them while they're younger is important," said Amelia Blackledge, of Mrs.'s Book Club.

Blackledge runs Mrs. B's book club at the elementary school. Each student, K through third grade, gets one book a month for the nine months they are in school.

Over the past four years, more than 10,000 books have been put in the hands of students to help promote literacy.

Harmonie is sponsoring two of the four second-grade classes for the 2021 through 2022 school year. That's about 40 students in total—360 books or three bookshelves worth of books at the Bloomsburg Elementary School library.

"It's not about what I get, but what I give, because some kids don't have anything, and having a book is like a vacation in your brain," Harmonie said.

Through picking up extra chores, hosting a lemonade stand, and the help of her mom posting a fundraiser on Facebook, Harmonie raised $500 to pay for the books that be given out beginning in September.

"Helping a child own a book is a wonderful, wonderful thing," Mrs. B said. "Harmonie's my youngest donor, and I'm proud of her, and I'm hoping she inspires other children to want to do the same."

You can donate by writing a check out to Scholastic Book Clubs and send it in care of Mrs. B, Bloomsburg Memorial Elementary School.

Mrs. B
Bloomsburg Memorial Elementary School
500 Market Street,
Bloomsburg, PA 17815.

If it is in honor of Harmonie's cause, please write that in the memo.