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The good and bad to the slow start of winter

While some communities are receiving a financial benefit from not having a harsh winter, businesses that depend on snow are hoping it comes soon.

STROUDSBURG, Pa. — This time of the year is usually one of the busiest for the snow removal team at Strauser Nature's Helpers in Smithfield Township, near East Stroudsburg.

But the rainy, warmer weather has left the business with much to desire this winter season.

"It's just a matter of waiting for the snow. Unfortunately, we haven't had the flakes falling like we want them to, so hours are dwindling, and guys are chomping at the bit for work," Tom Rose said.

To stay busy, some employees have been working on landscaping projects that can be completed in the winter and preparing equipment for the upcoming spring season.

Not having snow doesn't just impact businesses but also employees who rely on the money.

"Our product, we ordered at the beginning of the season, really haven't had to order any more just because of the lack of snow. And as I said, our guys are wanting hours. A lot of times after snowstorms, we will be able to give some guys hours to wash trucks and do some work around here, but unfortunately, we don't have it."

While some businesses are praying for snow, municipalities are not. Stroudsburg says it is saving thousands of dollars not having to spread salt.

"We're saving lots of money in overtime, which obviously, personal costs are our biggest expense. We're also saving in wear and tear on our vehicles, and we're saving in salt costs also. The less we use this year, the more we have for next year, so this has been great for us," said Stroudsburg Borough Manager Lawrence Kopp.

Borough officials hope the season continues to stay mild.

"I budget for at least one major snow event because when it gets major, we have to bring in outside contractors to help us with snow removal. So, if we don't have that, we literally save $20,000, $30,000. So that actually is a lot of money that we can put to other uses."

Whether you love snow or hate it, we're only 61 days away from spring.

Get the full Stormtracker 16 forecast here.


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