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Egg sale helps Monroe County farm stay afloat

Like many businesses these days, a Chicken Farm in Berks county is struggling to keep the farm afloat during the pandemic.

BRODHEADSVILLE, Pa. — Dehaven's Christmas tree farm in Brodheadsville is normally used to only selling Christmas trees, but instead, they're lending a helping hand to another farm in need. 

The farm is helping to sell and distribute eggs from the Wind Crest Farm in Berks county. 

A few weeks ago, the owner of Wind Crest, Joshua Zimmerman thought he would have to euthanize all of his chickens because the supply line for eggs has slowed down. 

But with the help of the community thousands of eggs are being sold here in Monroe County.

"My mind when this started went back to 911 uh and how people came together and when Lori came to me with this I thought we have enough people who have that come together with a spirit that we can pull this off," said beth Dehaven, owner of Dehaven Farm.

Many of the eggs sold from Wind Crest are manufactured and turned into a liquid for cruise, schools, hotels, and restaurants. 

And because all those businesses have closed there doors, Zimmerman's business took a direct hit.  

He could have never imagined the help he's received.

"I found myself in a position where I needed help and I was really blessed obviously and also encouraged by the number of people that are interested in helping I would have never, honestly would have never guessed that this was going to materialize to the point where people will step up to the plate and end up moving almost 100 percent my eggs that are being produced," said Joshua Zimmerman, farmer of the wind crest farm.

For 2 dollars you can get 1 dozen eggs and for 4 dollars you can get 2 dozen eggs, all of the proceeds from today's egg distribution will go strictly to the Zimmerman family, to help the farm stay in production.

"It's a great feeling being able to help. You're not just helping one person or one charity, or you know one family, you are helping thousands of people at this point," said Lori Bruce, coordinator for egg distribution. 

While Zimmerman doesn't know what's next for his farm, in the meantime he's just thankful for all of the support and help he's receiving.