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Hometown ‘March For Life’ in Dunmore

DUNMORE — Students at Holy Cross High School in Dunmore were supposed to go to Washington, D.C. to the “March for Life,” but their trip was ca...

DUNMORE -- Students at Holy Cross High School in Dunmore were supposed to go to Washington, D.C. to the "March for Life," but their trip was canceled due to the expected snow.

So instead, they marched through their own community.

From the classroom to the streets of their community, students from Holy Cross High School marched for life on the 43rd anniversary of the legalization of abortion.

"We believe as a community that the greatest duty for humanity is to be the voice for the voiceless," said Holy Cross senior Christina Brannon.

Students and staff from the high school were supposed to travel to Washington, D.C. to march with thousands of others, but because of expected snow, the trip had to be canceled -- disappointing news to those who are a part of the school's pro-life club.

"We stand for life from birth to the end of it. So we fight for life in all stages, and so for me, this walk is dedicated to more than just the unborn children that we have to fight for. It's dedicated to people in all stages of life," said senior Gannon Palmiter.

The students tell us even though they were upset they couldn't go to D.C., they still felt like they needed to raise awareness, so that's why they decided to walk in their own community.

"We need to draw more attention to it. These people are marginalized, so we are wearing these bright colors and we are doing something a little unorthodox so we are going to get these people the attention they need," said Brannon.

The walk supported not only the unborn, but also the hungry, homeless, and elderly.

The students marched from their high school on Drinker Street down to Saint Joseph's Center. There they prayed with some members of the center.

Holy Cross High School Principal Ben Tolerico tells us he's proud of his students' efforts on raising awareness to the importance of life.

"Just the idea that it's really motivated by the kids, that they want to do something so we know a lot of things that we are teaching, and the message we are trying to put out to our kids here at Holy Cross," said Tolerico. "They really get it, so we are proud of them, really proud of them."

Once the students left Saint Joseph's Center, they marched down to Holy Family Residence in Scranton to pray with the Little Sisters of the Poor.

Those students who marched told us they hope their efforts made an impact on their community.

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