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Staying Safe with Stormtracker 16: Severe Winter Weather

The Stormtracker 16 Team explains extreme winter weather and how to help save lives and property.

Winter weather.  It can be ferocious in northeastern and central Pennsylvania.

It can turn a slow ride into a dangerous pileup.  It can be great for snow tubing, then turn into a fast-melting, raging torrent of water.  

How do the Stormtracker 16 Meteorologists predict, track and prepare for what winter throws at us?  Find out in this WNEP-TV Special:  Staying Safe with Stormtracker 16.  

Click on each of the story topics for the feature and the most important safety tips, provided by your favorite Weather Team.

Joe Snedeker breaks down the Anatomy of a Nor'easter.  Those powerful storms that dump feet of snow on our world.  A winter wonderland, yes... a recipe for danger, only if you're not prepared.  Click Here for Joe's Feature and Tips!

John Hickey exposes the hidden pitfalls of freezing rain.  How does it happen and when do we need to be on high alert?  Click Here for John's Feature and Tips!

Ally Gallo examines the unique snowflakes of a storm.  She helps us understand how snow totals can fluctuate under different conditions.  You'll find out if you can build a snowman, or just easily brush off your car.  Click Here for Ally's Feature and Tips!

Valerie Smock enlists the help of the National Weather Service and PennDOT to help predict the elusive snow squall... and, how can we possibly get snow from the Great Lakes?  A look at when driving conditions change in a flash.  Click Here to see Valerie's Feature and Tips!

Kurt Aaron is thinking out of the box.  Flooding in the wintertime?  It's actually more common than you might think.  How and why can that happen and see some incredible destruction in our area - yes, in the cold of winter.  And, what about those impressive Ice Jams - get up close and personal.  Click Here to see Kurt's Feature and Tips!

Staying Safe with Stormtracker 16 is brought to you in part by:  the Pocono Mountain Visitors Bureau, and the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport.

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