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Staying Safe with Stormtracker 16: Joe's anatomy of a Nor'easter

Deep inside a storm that can have DEEP consequences.

Joe Snedeker explains the workings of these winter storm monsters in the feature segment.  

Plus, check out his winter safety tips to be sure you are prepared for when a nor'easter is in the forecast.

When to stay off roads:

Knowing when to stay off the roads can keep you out of harm's way in severe weather. 

Emergency snow kit:

Be prepared for driving in severe weather.  Here's what you should have packed in your car's emergency snow kit. 

Backup power plan: 

When severe weather hits, power outages are a common occurrence. Here's what you need to know to have a backup power plan. 

Charge up:

You may not think about it, but keeping your devices charged can make the difference between staying ahead of the storm and getting caught off guard when the power goes out. 

Keeping you informed:

When severe weather strikes, staying informed can keep you safe.