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See the planets line up – Skywatch 16

Newswatch 16's John Hickey says the early bird gets the worm to catch a planetary lineup in this week's Skywatch 16.

PENNSYLVANIA, USA — In this week's Skywatch 16, we start with a bit of a retrospective because, quite honestly, the most exciting thing that's going to happen all week has already happened. 

Total Lunar Eclipse

It was the total lunar eclipse, the Super Full Blood Moon late Sunday night into early Monday morning. Viewers shared some amazing photos with Newswatch 16.

Planetary Lineup – Look East

What is it that we're going to be looking for this week? The most exciting thing continues to be the early morning planetary lineup about half an hour before sunrise. Sunrise is getting early these days, around 5:40 a.m. Venus, Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn will get higher in the sky each morning as we go through the week.

Saturn and the Moon – Look East

It all culminates in the early morning sky on Sunday. There's a conjunction with our last-quarter or third-quarter moon and the planet Saturn. You'll be able to see this so long as we can keep the clear sky going.

Looking ahead to the following week, things get a little more exciting with a late-month meteor shower.

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