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Skywatch 16: Moon on the move

You can find a number of interesting things in the night sky this week - all you need to do is find the moon.

The moon lights the way in this week's Skywatch 16.

So let's start off with the Full Buck Moon.

It becomes officially full Friday at 10:37, but if you're looking to snap a good picture, wait for it to be low on the horizon.

Moonrise on Friday happens at 8:41.

It gets its name because this is the time of year that male deer or buck antlers are in full growth mode.

They certainly do grow quickly this time of year.

It's also known as the Thunder Moon from the Western Abenaki Native Americans.

This is what the moon will be lighting the way to riding the ecliptic plane cruising through a couple of constellations and an asterism.

The constellations being Libra and Scorpius.

The asterism being The Teapot of Sagittarius.

It will be the waxing Gibbous Moon as it passes through those.

 Also of note, the full moon will be rising right near Saturn.

Not long after, you'll see Jupiter too.

Off to the upper left, you'll easily be able to spot Altair.

Also of note, there's a couple of meteor showers that are also starting to get underway.

The Delta Aquariids will peak next week on Thursday, and you'll only see about five per hour.

The Perseids we're starting to see one or two of those every once in a while, but they're two completely different meteor showers.

Of course, the Perseids are the best meteor shower of the entire summer.

We'll get our best peek at that coming up in August.