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Skywatch 16: Full Buck Moon

Newswatch 16's John Hickey tells us all about this month's full moon in this edition of Skywatch 16.

PENNSYLVANIA, USA — We're just about at the halfway point of meteorological summer, which runs from June 1 through the end of August. It's time for the second full moon of meteorological summer.

The Full Buck Moon rises on Wednesday, July 13. It gets the name Full Buck Moon because this is the time of year when male deer, the bucks, see their antlers grow rapidly.

According to some Native American tribes, it's also known as the Thunder Moon. That's unsurprising. This is a very typical time of year to get those summer thunderstorms.

If you want to capture the full moon, look for it rising above the eastern horizon around 9:15 p.m. It's officially full at 2:38 p.m., but we won't be able to see it then because it will still be below the horizon.

It's always best to capture the moon, whether full or in a crescent stage when it's lower on the horizon. That's because it appears larger compared to the landscape surrounding it. You can use some things to offer some interesting perspective when you capture the moon, like buildings, trees, mountains, or even your hand.

If you happen to capture some interesting photos of this month's full moon, be sure to send them our way. You might just see them on the air.

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