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Gas prices keeping some folks local this Memorial Day weekend

Record-high prices at the pump have some people changing their annual travel plans.

GOULDSBORO, Pa. — Close to $200 — that's a number nobody wants to see when filling up the gas tank. You might budget that amount for a long weekend trip, but on Monday, at the Gouldsboro Travel Plaza, this is what drivers call Monday morning on the way to work.

"I remember I used to be able to fill my car with $60. Now my V-8 takes double that. So it's going to be $120 to $130," said George Ramos from Newfoundland.

The price at the pump has jumped for the fifth straight week, according to GasBuddy.com.

The average price in Pennsylvania is $4.77, according to AAA.

"It's definitely hurting. I mean, that's why we try not to use that car if we don't have to."

"I just feel like I'm wasting all my money on gas, money I could use to eat, to pay my bills," said Gregory Benoit from Tobyhanna.

"I travel a lot for work, so I'm looking at double the cost everywhere I go. It sucks," said Andrew Lencoski from Nanticoke.

Lencoski usually heads to Florida for Memorial Day Weekend. Not this year.

"Just staying in the area, maybe doing some hiking, trying not to drive as much as possible."

He's in good company; lots of people are planning to keep it local this year.

"I'm not going anywhere," said Jacob Krisovitch from Covington Township.

"We're trying not to do much other than stay home and maybe do a little barbecuing. That's pretty much it," Ramos said.

Nationwide, high gas prices aren't keeping everybody at home. AAA predicts 8.3% more travelers this Memorial Day Weekend compared to last year.

If you have travel plans in June or July, plan ahead for a pricey trip. Experts predict gasoline prices won't peak until mid-summer. 

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