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Chase Down Podcast: Professional Sports Gambler Bill Krackomberger

What does a professional sports gambler do without any sports?

LACKAWANNA COUNTY, Pa. — What's life like for a professional sports gambler when there are no sports to bet on because of the coronavirus? Will the pandemic hit the sports gambling industry hard after it was on an unbelievable upward trajectory? What does Las Vegas look like when all the casinos are closed? 

Chase Senior brings on one of the best sports bettors in the game, Bill Krackomberger, to discuss that and more. Give Bill a follow on Twitter @BillKrackman or check him out on Krackwins.com. He was also featured on the Showtime show, "Action" which you can binge now!  

Bill Krackomberger makes a living as a professional sports bettor, and we talked about what his life is like right now and how the coronavirus might affect the sports betting industry.

"This has never happened before. This is new territory for everyone, including us."

That's what professional sports gambler Bill Krackomberger said from his bunker in Las Vegas about legal sports gambling everywhere coming to a halt. It's an industry that was on a winning streak before the coronavirus stopped everything.

"I know people love to watch sports. I know it's a giant part of people's everyday lives. Well, it'll eventually come back. We need to make a sacrifice right now," Krackomberger said.

In February alone, Pennsylvania bettors wagered more than $300 million on games, according to the state's Gaming Control Board. Nearly $21 million of those bets were placed at Mount Airy Casino in the Poconos and Mohegan Sun near Wilkes-Barre. Now, casinos everywhere are shut down. With their immediate future uncertain, Krackomberger worries about all of the employees who are currently without jobs.

"Lots of people don't realize that in this country, people live week to week, man. There's people that are living paycheck to paycheck and I know that a lot of these people who are working at these casinos and these sports books are living paycheck to paycheck."

Bill has some ties to the area. Every winter, he visits friends in Throop and says he loves Old Forge pizza and the Loading Dock in Dunmore.