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Wiktor Showcases Talent From Field Hockey to Artwork

Danville-native Graduating from Kutztown University with Double Major in Art History and Crafts with Double Concentration Ceramics and Textile Arts

SCRANTON, Pa. — Hadley Wiktor helped make history this season with the Kutztown University field hockey team, going to the Final Four and winning their first Division II Tournament win since 1988, but the Danville-native knows not every athlete at Kutztown was so lucky. 

"Just the fact that we had that opportunity to even do that is really amazing because I know a lot of my friends, they’re kind of losing out on their senior season, which is really unfortunate," Wiktor said. 

Fortunately for Wiktor, field hockey is a fall sport. So when the pandemic hit, she was focused on her other talent, as an artist. She’s a double major in Art History and Crafts, with a double concentration in ceramics and textile arts. 

"Anytime I wasn’t at the field hockey field and I wasn’t working, I was in the studio, working," Wiktor explained. “It kind of taught be a lot about time management, perseverance. It kind of made me into the person who I am today. 

Skills that are really paying dividends now, because in her area of study, it’s kind of difficult to work from home.

Credit: Jenna Bracken

"I was like, ‘Oh, my God.’ I am a studio student," Wiktor recalled. "I don’t have my studio space, because it’s one thing if you have textbooks. You can take those with you, but all of the materials that I need to make my pieces, I was using from the studio."

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Witkor was able to downsize her final projects enough to finish them at home in Danville. She says it was stressful, but being creative is her thing – just scroll through her Instagram or Pinterest – and with plans to pursue her Masters or her teaching certifications, this might actually give her a head start.

"To transition at the end of the semester and be home was almost a good thing and positive because I had to set up a studio at home and I didn’t really have that choice," Wiktor said. "I feel as if I have more of a studio practice than what I would have if I was just coming out from Kutztown."

An artist at work, on and off the field.