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The Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Lady Knights Ice Hockey Team Off To A Good Beginning

13 new players are on the new WBS Lady Knights Ice Hockey team

PITTSTON, Pa. — Ken Lee is trying to re-start interest in girl's youth hockey. Years ago he coached a junior team The Lady Pirates when his daughter played. Now with the support of the Revolution Ice Centre in Pittston the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Lady Knights Hockey team is back on the ice with 13 new players learning the game and making new goals for girls in this sport.

"One of the pre-requisites of that was the level of support with the ice rink here. And what the Knights organization has given us has been tremendous, and we are very excited about the fact now that we have 13 girl's on the ice playing a hockey game tonight," said Ken Lee.

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On this night a team from the Lehigh Valley traveled up the turnpike. It was action packed, instruction based and the start of something special for girl's here locally.

"Because it's like girl's hockey. We are trying to be the first team to play in Wilkes-Barre," said Alexa Rychwalski.

Credit: WNEP-TV 16

"I have been playing for a long time but I have only been able to play on a boy's team and I have always been like when are they going to start a girl's team. So I am really excited to have this team," said Marion Koester.

Bobbi Fedele and Jordan Chiavacci are the assistant coaches.

Credit: WNEP-TV 16

We are really trying to grow women's hockey in this area because with all of the national attention to the women's team the national women's hockey league," said Bobbi.

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"We are all driven to unite young girl's to come and play a sport that we all have a passion and a desire to play," said Jordan.

On September 12th the Knights hockey program for girl's will have an open session. Any girl's interested in playing hockey are encouraged to come here that night. You don't need any equipment just come the Knights will provide the equipment free of charge.

"They can come out. They can give it a try and if they like it we have a program where they can progress from not knowing anything about skating or playing ice hockey to within a few months of being able to going out there and playing ice hockey on a sheet of ice," again said Ken.

Credit: WNEP-TV 16

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