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The Comet Completes Her Five Year Run Undefeated In Wyoming Valley Conference League Meets

Molly DeMarzo is a senior runner at Crestwood high-school and hasn't lost a league meet since 2017

SUGARLOAF, Pa. — From the beginning Molly DeMarzo ran to the front in all of her Wyoming Valley Conference cross country meets. Add in that little boost of confidence from her Dad and the rest is record book material.

"I remember Cliff Robbins was my first one. So we went out and my Dad has always been the one that has always kept me calm in all my races. So I remember his words, "He said If you want to win you can win. There is no one stopping you from being that person." So we went out and there was absolutely no expectations. There was no name and no one knew who I was . . So it was just to get out and get out there and run and I went out there and I won, and I think that really set the tone for how my cross country through high-school was gonna go," said Molly.

Credit: WNEP-TV 16

A 2-time district champion runner for Crestwood in "AA" DeMarzo dominated the pace at the varsity level beginning in 2018. And at the latest cluster meet in Hazleton she took 1st capping off an undefeated career winning every league meet that she ran in.

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"I have such a good support system through my parents, my siblings, my teammates, my coaches Amy and Rob. All of them have really kept me calm. It's good to be humble. You have to be humble. You have to know every race. I mean everybody is out to get you, but that is not necessarily a bad thing," again said Molly.

We'll Molly started running for the Comets in 8th grade. She moved here after her 7th grade year in Florida when her Dad got a new engineering job here in Pennsylvania.

"So we lived in Florida. So we moved up half way through the year up here. I did track my 7th grade year the second half and then got right into cross 8th grade," added Molly.

Credit: WNEP-TV 16

DeMarzo's team this year is undefeated. That means more to her than the individual 19th and 10th place finishes that she has had in her career at states.

"Oh yeah! Of course. I am so thankful for them. Again just my coaches throughout the summer I think just having them to be able to push me. I mean I pushed them and they pushed me so it works really well together," said Molly.

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DeMarzo takes one more crack at the league championships in Meshoppen at the Wyoming County Fairgrounds. Then it's back there October 27th for districts before her final state run November 6th. 

Credit: WNEP-TV 16

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