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Paul Binner Jr. doesn't need teammates, opponents to play any sport

How one senior found a creative way to kill time in Tunkhannock

Paul Binner Jr. is still holding out hope for a senior season with the Tunkhannock boys volleyball team, but as it turns out, he never needed those guys anyway. Like many of us, Binner is stuck at home, but he figured out that he only needed one person to play a game of volleyball. Well, at least with some clever editing, and some entertaining play-by-play. 

"I was thinking it would be really cool if I could simulate a volleyball game where it would just be me," Binner said via Skype. "I was hoping for a laugh and for something that people would be able to share with others to bring more joy."

More joy meant more videos (and I guess maybe more Pauls in editing) and, of course, more sports, like baseball and basketball.  

"We were thinking about doing a soccer one," Binner said. "There was one we were thinking about doing as a joke with maybe chess, but we're not sure if that one will come out."

Hey, why not? It's something to do. 

"It's definitely helped with the sanity part," Binner said. "It's also helped with filling in time. Even though it's been a time-consumer. It's also been a good time-waster, in my opinion."

Maybe a time-waster is exactly what we all need right now. Never a lonely day at the Binner household.