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It all started with the 4-ball challenge from Kris Holtzer

Delaware Valley boy's basketball coach Kris Holtzer is reaching out to his students on social media

PIKE COUNTY, Pa. — "See you are going to go on the ball," said Kris.

Putting his time at home to good use is Delaware Valley Health and Phys Ed teacher Kris Holtzer. The 4 ball push up video went up on Twitter as a challenge.

"First person to send me 10 push-ups I give them a t-shirt. I'll send you a t-shirt," added Kris.

Credit: WNEP-TV 16

Soon one of his basketball players responded.

Exactly the result Holtzer hoped for-gets kids exercising.

"We are just trying to give kids different exercises that they can do at home. A part of COVID-19 is staying healthy. I know that they are not at a high risk because of their age, but just staying healthy and making sure what it is. But it is nice outside to get outside to get some exercise. Giving them different workouts push-ups,  sit-ups,  jumping jacks some different sports things," added Kris.

Credit: WNEP-TV 16

Holtzer has the 3 ball challenge out there to try now and some basketball drills.

His way of giving back at a critical time for his students and their families.

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"It is tough. I miss staying after school with our basketball guys and starting to get into our weight room. Now is the time that we would be ramping it up for spring workouts and getting guys involved in AAU and stuff like that so it's difficult," said Kris.

Credit: WNEP-TV 16

"And for me I like to get a little cardio in so for me I do the reverse Mikan drill," said Steve

"And to keep the strength up we carry the weight bag around the yard, added Steve.

"Just trying to show some kids some different workouts. Some of it is really simple and some of it is a little bit harder. Just trying to challenge them. Again keeping them busy and trying to find fun stuff to do and if it's giving away a free t-shirt for kids trying  this and getting as many to exercise then it's definitely all worth it," added Kris.

Credit: WNEP-TV 16

For now Kris and his wife Amanda keep busy with 6 year old Brice and 3 year old Brin. Steve Lloyd Newswatch 16 sports Pike County.