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James Franklin Says Penn State Plans to 'Stay Competitive' With NIL Deals

James Franklin says NIL is like the housing market. The market determines the price.

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. — Summer school is really in session at Penn State when it comes to Name Image and Likeness deals. One reporter practically treating James Franklin like he's an NFL general manager. He just bluntly asked if $13 million is enough to keep Penn State competitive with other top-tier schools across the country to win in college football.

"Okay hold on a second! Hold on a second!" James Franklin said. "If you sell your house, the market determines the value of your house."

While Franklin was still trying to get his point across using the housing analogy, another reporter asked if Penn State needed more than this $13 million to maintain and improve a winning roster.

"I guess the question is, I don't know what schools you are talking about," Franklin said. "But if we want to compete with the schools that you guys write articles about us competing with, then why wouldn't our number be the same as others?"

Franklin explains NIL deals aren't a long-term recruiting project the program can take its time with. They need to be out attracting athletes with the new NIL deals as soon as possible. That's the only way Penn State will continue to be a powerhouse in college football.

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