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Carbondale Hosts Inaugural Unified Bocce District Tournament

Chargers Advance to States After Hosting Abignton Heights and Wallenpaupack

he Unified Bocce District Championship was held in Carbondale, and yes the 'Flame of "Hope Torch" was flying high on Monday.

The host school was there, along with Abington Heights and Wallenpaupack, for the second Unified sport in this District, the other being Track and field.

Carbondale defeated Abington Heights 7-3 and will play at states in Hershey.

Of course, there were no losers.

"Bocce is a great sport for students with and without disabilities," said Mike Bovino, the Senior Advisor of Special Olympics Pennsylvania. "It's a very social sport. It's a sport that every body can excel in. It's a non-contact sport and it's a sport that we have found has really unified students in a way that brings them together through the fun and joy of playing bocce."

"Feels good. I like to roll things," Cabondale sophomore athlete Amber Ogonowski said. "I feel happy with this."

"We live in such a great community," Carbondale sophomore partner Makena Sanderson added. "It's so great to see the community come together for such great events like this one and it makes me really happy to see this."

The State Unified Bocce Tournament will be held during the state basketball tournament in Hershey.