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PSAC Sack Leader Larry Webster

This is Larry Webster’s first year of Division II college football. The 6’7″ 240lb defensive end helped the Huskies win 10 games getting them ...

This is Larry Webster's first year of Division II college football. The 6'7" 240lb defensive end helped the Huskies win 10 games getting them back in the national playoffs. Webster's ride thru Bloom reads like an open book. A four-year starter on the men's basketball team. Last year's PSAC defensive player of the year and now up for MVP on the Huskies football team.

"After basketball was done I took about a week to think about it and see what I wanted to do and then I came and talked to the coaches and I decided to try out," said Larry Webster III.

"Actually jokingly over the years between myself and some of the other coaches just joking with him he's joking with us about coming out to play. We didn't realize it was going to be-that it was real, and we said we'll if you are then you need to be out thru spring practice last year and he was very serious and what a great kid," said Danny Hale-Bloomsburg Head football coach.

In his first year of playing football with the Huskies Larry leads the PSAC in sacks with 13 1/2. He also has two touchdowns receiving from his tight end position and in the last few weeks NFL scouts have been at the Husky games courting the services of Larry Webster III.

"I definitely am. I didn't think I would be doing this well. I thought I might be able to do OK. Maybe I could benefit the team somehow, but I'm doing better than I thought I would," again said Larry.

"He's been nothing but easy to coach, receptive, humble, all the above. He just wanted to make a contribution to this team. Initially we thought it was just going to be a specialist, a pass-down type guy, but he is playing himself into where he can play on any down and may even have a future," again said Danny.

Larry's Dad Larry Webster Jr. played for the 2000 Baltimore Ravens who won Superbowl XXXV (34-7) over the NY Giants.

Bloomsburg meets Shippensburg this Saturday at 1pm in the Division II National playoffs.