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Local Players Participate in Pro Day

It’s every young football player’s dream to make it to the NFL.  16 more of those hopefuls walked onto Danny Hale Field at Bloomsburg University to ...

It's every young football player's dream to make it to the NFL.  16 more of those hopefuls walked onto Danny Hale Field at Bloomsburg University to prove their talents to some tough critics.  More than a dozen NFL scouts were on hand analyzing players under the microscope. And the pressure was on high!

"Little nerves, little butterflies, but I'm also happy to get it off my back and come out here and perform.  I've been training for the past couple weeks, so I'm glad I came out here," said former Hanover Area grad, Brian Clarke.

Of the 8 teams represented, five Huskies were trying to become top dogs.  Offensive lineman Matt Feiler and defensive end Larry Webster Jr. performed well at the NFL combine in Indianapolis last month.  During that time, Larry, the son of former NFL player Larry Webster Sr., was hot on the heels of standout Jadaveon Clowney.

"I did a couple of tight end drills, and I think I did pretty good.  I didn't drop any balls, actually all day.  I'm just doing a lot of things.  I don't care which one it is as long as I'm there because I like playing football so I'll adjust to either one," said Webster Jr.

Both Larry and Matt have participated in the NFL combine and can try to improve their numbers, but for the other players, this is the first impression they're making on the scouts, hoping they did enough to be drafted in May.

"Getting out here is our last chance to show what we had to the scouts and coaches so it was a good feeling to get back out here and show them," said Feiler.

"There's a lot of scouts out here today so I feel confident in my performance so I'll talk to my agent later today and get the inside scoop from all the scouts and see where it goes from there."

Missing from the workout was Bloomsburg's star running back, Franklyn Quiteh, who had surgery on his shoulder during the off season.  Franklyn is working hard to recover and get back out there and perform.

"I'm just hoping and keep telling them to watch the film.  My agent is doing the same thing.  All the guys here work hard doing the same thing so I have the film and numbers and hopefully someone takes a chance on me and I can show them that in camp," said the former Pocono Mountain West grad.