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Boy’s Lacrosse Still Growing In The Wyoming Valley Conference

12 schools compete in District 2 in the state in 2A for Boy’s Lacrosse. The only school in 3A is Delaware Valley. It’s a sign of the growth of the s...

12 schools compete in District 2 in the state in 2A for Boy's Lacrosse. The only school in 3A is Delaware Valley. It's a sign of the growth of the sport in Pennsylvania here in the Northeast in the last 10 years.

"Abington actually is moving at a brisk learning curve. That's one team that has really ramped themselves up. A lot of those kids play youth ball in Scranton and that's a program that you are going to be seeing more and more games and be very competitive in the next couple of years," said Brian Zabroski.

"Lacrosse is a fun sport! Now that it has growth and our friends have started playing everybody in the neighborhood is picking up a stick. And once you pick up that stick you really can't put it down," said Andrew Billen.

The Comets represented District 2 in the quarterfinals last season losing to York Catholic 15-10. Anthony Caporuscio capped off an incredible sophomore season with 126 goals. Division 2 Florida Tech in Melbourne Florida is the next stop in 2021.

"Honest to god it means the world. I've been thinking about playing lacrosse in college since I could pick up a stick. That's a really good opportunity for me. I've always loved Florida get down to the warm weather and have some fun down there," said Anthony.

Wyoming Seminary senior Ryan Anderson plays goalie for the soccer team in the fall, and here in the spring lacrosse as the attacker the sport he will continue at Arcadia in college.

"I'm thrilled because this is the sport that I love and want to play in college, and I don't have to travel very far. There's great competition right here, and that's super exciting," said Ryan.

Right now the numbers for lacrosse here in the Wyoming Valley Conference are good Coach Zabroski tells me. But the one thing lagging behind are the number of officials. He tells me there are barely enough officials to cover all the games in any given night.

"Where is the sport right now statewide and here in the conference? Here in the conference It's on a steady climb. We looked at some film from about five years ago, and to see where we we're then and where we are now there's a big difference in the way that we are playing," added Brian.

Fast paced, fun and for the players a sport they seem to enjoy. Steve Lloyd reporting for Newswatch 16 sports from Luzerne County.