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4th Annual Pink Softball Game In Wyalusing For Breast Cancer Awareness

The score didn’t matter this time. It’s wasn’t about winning but about remembering a special lady at Wyalusing high-school. Linda Simko was th...

The score didn't matter this time. It's wasn't about winning but about remembering a special lady at Wyalusing high-school. Linda Simko was the assistant phys-ed teacher alongside softball coach Jack Loomis for many years. But Linda developed breast cancer and passed away in 2015. Every year since her death Jack holds the annual pink softball breast cancer awareness game in Linda's honor. Her husband Frank has been there every year supporting the girls.

"You guys know that this is for Mrs. Simko today? Win,lose, or draw we are going to have fun no matter what OK? And then you get pizza and soda. laughter..on three Rams. 1-2-3 Rams," said Jack.

"When she passed away there was well over 400 people at her funeral. A lot of the students came there she was very popular," said Frank.

"She was a great person. We got to be good friends over the years. We we're here for over 15 years. She was my assistant. The kids loved her. The community loved her. She was well known but she was just a good person," said Jack.

"Mrs. Simko was one of the gym teacher's here and she was really close with Mr. Loomis. So in this game we get to remember her and we keep her legacy going on," said Melody.

"I knew Mrs. Simko personally and I got along real well. So I love wearing this to support and remember her and support awareness for cancer," said Hailey.

Mr. Simko always supports the Lady Rams softball program and at this particular game he gave them $50 dollars so they could enjoy a pizza party.

"I really appreciate every thing that they do for him. That's why every year I buy them pizza and soda. Just to say thank you and that's the only way that I can do it," again said Frank.

"Jack what does it mean to cover up the green, and put that away and wear the pink shirts today? It's bittersweet again but it's about awareness, but it means a lot and it means a lot to the players and the community because there are a lot of people up here that knew Linda very well," again said Jack.

Jack won't forget Linda or her friendship and plans on keeping her memory alive as long as he teaches and coaches the Wyalusing Lady Rams. Steve Lloyd reporting for Newswatch 16 sports from Bradford County.