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Army Cadets return home to Scranton and wait for June graduation at West Point

Leo Ciullo is a 2016 West Scranton high-school graduate

SCRANTON, Pa. — Leo Ciullo and Makena Huber both Army Cadets we're on spring break in Puerto Rico when the corona virus  pandemic forced them to return home and live with Leo's family in West Scranton. Leo a 2016 Invader graduate met Makena who grew up in Italy at West Point.

"We we're going to come home in 2 days and we got the notification that spring leave was going to be extended. At that point it was on going to be 5 days and then it started getting more serious," said Leo.

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As they continue their studies and wait for the June 13th ceremony which will include President Trump they are finding this time together a little different.

"It's definitely interesting like you said there was a definite learning curve with the remote learning but it's been nice being here but it's also kind of a bummer because I feel like we missed out on our last everything," said Makena.

"i think that we are excited to go see our friends one final time before we go our separate ways and I think that we all just really appreciate it. It's kind of like our last send off," again said Leo.

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Leo and Makena we're supposed to get married here this month at the Immaculate Heart of  Mary chapel in Scranton, but because the Army pushed graduation back they had to push the ceremony back they will now go through a Justice of the Peace a few days after graduation.

"Our original plan was always to graduate and get married but it was very different. It was  going to be in May it was going to be a real wedding and a real graduation," again said Makena.

"We are going to wait for her family to come in and then we are going to do the Justice of the Peace. That way we are married going into Bullock and that way we are part of the married  couples program," added Leo.

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Being part of the married couples program Leo and Makena's next assignment head to Fort Leonard Wood Missouri for a 19 week engineering school.

"Basically a crash course on what engineers do and learn different aspects of engineering. 

Then it's the start at their first post and time away from family.

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"It's been special especially I wont get the opportunity to be home a lot in the future, so it's nice to be able to have this time with them and enjoy it," added Leo.

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