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Pennsylvania Turnpike to implement open road tolling by 2025

Open road tolling will eliminate toll plazas completely. Instead, drivers will be tolled as they pass through overhead structures called gantries.

PENNSYLVANIA, USA — The 82-year-old Pennsylvania Turnpike is getting its next upgrade and it’s a big step into the future.

“We are meeting the preferences of our customers," said Carl DeFebo, spokesperson for the Pennsylvania Turnpike. "We’re meeting them where they want to be met.”

Currently, 86 percent of Turnpike travelers use E-ZPass, a number which officials say shows the desire for all-electronic tolling.

“It’s convenient, it’s non-stop, it’s cashless, it’s seamless," said DeFebo.

The Turnpike is now taking the next step in its cashless journey, by implementing open road tolling.

Starting in late 2024, toll booth plazas will be a thing of the past.

Instead, tolling, either through E-ZPass or Toll By Plate, will happen along the highway.

The new system will eliminate the need for drivers to slow down.

“The interchanges on the PA Turnpike will look much like interchanges on other interstates," explained DeFebo. "You will encounter what we call a gantry which is an overhead sign frame as you travel on the Turnpike between interchanges.”

The first phase of construction will see 19 gantries installed along the eastern part of I-76 and along the Northeast Extension:

  • I-76, Milepost 290.7, Lancaster County
  • I-76, Milepost 309.8, Chester County
  • I-76, Milepost 312.7, Chester County
  • I-76, Milepost 322.2, Chester County
  • I-76, Milepost 330.5, Montgomery County
  • I-76, Milepost 332.8, Montgomery County
  • I-276, Milepost 336.2, Montgomery County
  • I-276, Milepost 341.3, Montgomery County
  • I-276, Milepost 348.7, Bucks County
  • I-476, Milepost 27.4, Montgomery County
  • I-476, Milepost 30.8, Montgomery County
  • I-476, Milepost 44.8, Bucks County
  • I-476, Milepost 70.1, Lehigh County
  • I-476, Milepost 76.9, Carbon County
  • I-476, Milepost 87.5, Carbon County
  • I-476, Milepost 99.1, Luzerne County
  • I-476, Milepost 112.5, Luzerne County
  • I-476, Milepost 121.3, Lackawanna County
  • I-476, Milepost 123.4, Lackawanna County

“Open road tolling is going to allow us to very easily add connections to our system with about half the cost and half the footprint," said DeFebo.

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