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Job search mandate returns for Pennsylvanians receiving unemployment benefits

The unemployed in Pennsylvania have to jump through one more hoop before they collect their money.

HARRISBURG, Pa. — The word came down from the Department of Labor and Industry back in May, and it kicked in over the weekend.

The work search mandate is back. It was suspended when the pandemic hit last year.

State officials say that because most of the state's adult population is now fully vaccinated, it's time for the unemployed to prove they are looking for work. 

If there's no search, then there's no money from the state.

The state has a broad definition of what the job search entails.

Accepted activities include attending a job fair, going on the PA Career Link website to look for work, plus posting a resume on the state's site, or other employment sites.

You do have to keep a log detailing your search and there is a link to that on the state's website.

According to the health department, just over half of the state's adult population is now fully vaccinated against the coronavirus.