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Duck parade held at Milton Hershey School Memorial Hall

A mother duck led her ducklings throughout the halls of the Dauphin County school.

DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. — There was a cute and welcome sign of spring in Dauphin County on Friday. 

A mother duck led her ducklings throughout the halls of Milton Hershey Memorial Hall Elementary School this afternoon! 

Officials with the school say the mama duck has been coming back for about five years now to lay her eggs on the school's property. 

Once the eggs hatch, staff and students will create lines to lead the ducks through the halls and back out into nature. 

School principal Amanda Smith says it's something students look forward to every year! 

"They have been telling me she has been sitting on her eggs for quite a while now [so] when they hatched this morning several students [came] running down the hall telling me they hatched [and that] we need[ed] to get them out," said Smith. 

"[The kids] love seeming them! Out kids are so excited about this big day every single year," she continued. 

School officials say they'll keep this tradition going, so long as mama duck keeps coming back!

Watch the ducks make their special trip through the school below: 

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