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UFO and large alien creatures reported in Las Vegas and police took it seriously

It was around midnight on April 30 when a Las Vegas family reported something crashed in their backyard and there were "big creatures" on board.
Credit: WNEP

LAS VEGAS — Midnight calls about large aliens and UFO sightings might normally be written off by police as pranks or drunks, but that's not what happened in Las Vegas recently, according to KLAS.

Body camera video and 911 calls released by the Las Vegas Police Department show why the officers who responded to the call were "nervous."

It was late the night of April 30 when a Las Vegas family reported something crashed in their backyard and there were "big creatures" on board. 

"There's like an 8-foot person beside it, and another one is inside and it has big eyes and it's looking at us -- and it's still there," one family member told the 911 dispatcher. "I swear to God this is not a joke, this is actually — we’re terrified."

"So, there’s two people, there’s two subjects in your backyard?" the dispatcher asked. 

"Correct, and they’re very large. They’re like 8 feet, 9 feet, 10 feet. They look like aliens to us. Big eyes. They have big eyes. Like, I can’t explain it, and big mouths," the caller replied. "They’re shiny eyes and they’re not human. They’re 100% not human."

Around the same time, an LVPD officer's body camera recorded a bright light streaking across the sky. Several people across eastern California, Nevada and Utah reported seeing the flash, according to the American Meteor Society.

Two officers were sent to the family's house.

"I'm so nervous right now," one is heard saying on the body camera. "I have butterflies, bro -- saw a shooting star and now these people say there's aliens in their backyard."

Officer: "What did you see?"

Witness: "It was like a, it was like a big creature."

Officer: "A big creature?"

Witness: "Yea, more than 10 feet tall."

Officer: "I'm not going to BS, you guys. One of my partners said they saw something fall out of the sky, too. So that's why I'm kind of curious."

Witness: "I don't believe in it but what I saw right now, I do believe in it."

Officer: "You guys seem, like, legit scared so I don't blame you."

Officer: "Hey, if those 9-foot beings come back, don't call us, alright. Deal with it yourself," the officer joked as they were leaving.

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