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Savannah Bananas bring 'Banana Ball' to the northeast in 2023

The baseball team known for their viral antics on the field are taking the show on the road with their 2023 Banana Ball World Tour.

SAVANNAH, Ga. — Savannah Bananas, the baseball team known for their viral antics on the field are taking the show on the road with their 2023 Banana Ball World Tour.

While the Bananas won't be making a stop in the Keystone State (that's just bananas if you ask us), they will bring their wacky brand of baseball to a few cities in the northeast.

A tour schedule recently released by the Bananas shows the team making a stop in Trenton, NJ, for a Challenger game on August 9. The team will also play games in Syracuse and Cooperstown on September 14 and 16.

The Bananas have accumulated a massive following on social media since making their baseball debut in 2016. 

Players are known for pulling zany stunts on the field that include walking on stilts, singing karaoke, and dancing to Lizzo songs.


How’d we do? @lizzo #savannahbananas #baseball #mlb #dance #aboutdamntime #viral #fypシ #baseballboys

♬ about damn time x promiscuous - Adam Wright

What exactly IS Banana Ball?

Banana Ball differs from standard baseball and has 9 rules:

1. Every inning counts

The team that gets the most runs in an inning gets a point. The first team to five points wins. 

2. Two hour time limit

If the game is tied at the end of two hours, the game will go into a showdown to determine a winner.

3. No stepping out

If the batter steps out of the box, it’s a strike.

4. No bunting

If a batter bunts, they will be thrown out of the game.

5. Batters can steal first

If a passed ball or wild pitch happens during any pitch of an at-bat, the batter can take off to first.

6. No walks allowed

If a pitcher throws a fourth ball, it becomes a sprint. The hitter will take off running while the catcher has to throw the ball around to every defensive player on the field before it becomes a live ball. The hitter can advance to as many bases as he can. The ball does not have to touch the catcher or the pitcher.

7. No mound visits allowed

No mound visits from the coach, catcher, or any other players.

8. If a fan catches a foul ball, it's an out

Get your gloves ready. But whatever you do, don’t catch a Bananas foul ball.

9. 1 on 1 showdown tiebreaker

Each team picks one pitcher and one hitter to face off. The defensive team only has the pitcher, catcher, and one fielder on the field. If a hitter puts the ball in play, he has to score and make it home to get a point. If the ball is put in play, the pitcher and fielder are allowed to chase the ball and throw it to the catcher for a play at the plate. If a pitcher strikes the hitter out or gets him out before scoring, he doesn’t get a point. If the batter walks, he takes second and the hitting team will bring in another hitter to the plate.  

Interested in catching a game?

Tickets will be available on the Bananas website.

Have more questions?

 Check out the Banana Ball World Tour FAQ twitter thread HERE.

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