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Is the CDC recommending men shave beards to prevent coronavirus?

Not exactly, but your facial hair could impact the effectiveness of face masks.
Credit: CDC

WASHINGTON, D.C., USA — When it comes to coronavirus safety, some are pointing to a 2017 CDC infographic that details how facial hair can impact the effectiveness of respirators.

Side whiskers, soul patches, lampshades, and handlebar mustaches are good to go, according to a CDC infographic. But styles like long stubble, a beard, the Dali, and mutton chops are not recommended because they are likely to interfere with a facepiece respirator.

Credit: CDC

While the CDC has not officially stated that shaving your facial hair will prevent coronavirus, which has reached more than 80,000 cases globally, many people around the world are using masks and respirators as a precaution.

A respirator covers at least the nose and mouth and protects against particles, including infectious agents, the CDC said. 

While the CDC has not officially made a connection between facial hair and increased risk of coronavirus infection, facial hair can pose a risk to the effectiveness of respirators because it may keep the exhalation valve from working properly if the two come into contact.