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Will Donald Trump still have Wyoming County's support in 2024?

Many Republican voters say they are unsure if Donald Trump is the best candidate.

TUNKHANNOCK, Pa. — Donald Trump made the announcement that he will make a third run for the White House, and voters in Pennsylvania will be critical to the former president if he hopes to win.

Wyoming County has been reliably red for a long time, and while it's likely to stay that way in 2024, many Republican voters say they are unsure if Trump is the best candidate to represent the GOP once again. 

"Trump isn't necessarily a good option; we were in better financial standings. I just don't like him as a person, and I don't think he represents what Americans are about," said Christine Harvey. 

Harvey, of Tunkhannock, is not happy about Trump's announcement that he will be running for president as a Republican in 2024.

Trump hopes to be just the second U.S president elected to two non-consecutive terms; he served one term before losing to President Joe Biden.

"But at the same time, I think things have just gone downhill so badly since Biden took office that I'm afraid people will vote for Trump just to get Biden out," Harvey added.

In 2020, Trump lost Pennsylvania and the presidency to Joe Biden.

But four years earlier, in 2016, Trump pulled out a win and defeated Hillary Clinton.

Both times, about two out of three voters in Wyoming County went for Trump.

Republican Laurie Cishek was one of them; she says Trump's time in office has run its course.

"I think people have seen what he's done and are not going to vote for him," Cishek said.

Jason Hoff also voted for Trump in both 2016 and 2020.

The Republican from Tunkhannock plans to vote for Trump again in 2024 and would like to see the governor of Florida as his running mate.

"If he gets on the ticket with DeSantis, then he's got a good chance. I think if they infight and are going at each other, I think there's no way; there's no way he's gonna win," Hoff said.

Others in Wyoming County say they'd prefer to see someone new take the reigns of the Republican party altogether.


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