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Small businesses and restaurants banking on Tunk-olopy

The Tunkhannock Business and Professional Association is partnering with 30 area businesses and restaurants to offer “Frosted February Tunk-opoly.”

TUNKHANNOCK, Pa. — Every February, the Tunkhannock Business and Professional Association plans special activities for businesses and folks in the community. This year, amid the pandemic, the game Monopoly is behind the organization's "Frosted February Tunk-olopy" game.

"The shop small, shop local is what we're all about. This program keeps it spread out. It gets people in the stores and, if nothing else, just to get a card and look around, which is our objective," said Mark Monsey, president of The Tunkhannock Business and Professional Association.

To play, visit any of the 30 participating businesses with a "Play Here" sign located in the front of their business, where you can retrieve a Monopoly play board.  

For every business you visit in the same color group, you'll receive a property piece.

Also, make sure at one of those businesses to make a purchase and save the receipt.

"Put it in an envelope, turn it to the New Age Examiner newspaper, and you can visit other colors also, different colors, the more colors you visit and collect all three cards, one receipt the better chance you have at the second-chance drawing," said Monsey.

Participating business owners say attracting new and existing customers has been hard because of the pandemic. They hope the game brings in more customers.

"I'm hoping it definitely helps with foot traffic, and I think it should as people go around and collect their pieces. The pandemic has been hard. People haven't been out and about. You have to be creative; you have to be patient," said Lisa Tizzoni, co-owner at Mercantile 22.

"With COVID and everything, I think people are anxious to get out and do something new. So this is a great opportunity to visit businesses that you may not even know are in Tunkhannock," said Connie Wiser, owner of T&C Grille.

The game runs until February 28. The prize drawings will take place on March 20.

To learn more about The Frosted February's Tunk-opoly, click here.